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Campervan Hire New Zealand

Are you planning on taking a rodadtrip in New Zealand, or maybe you’re embarking on a holiday and camping vacation in Auckland, Christchurch or Queenstown? If so, why not take the comfort and security of a camper van hire? Wicked campervan rental, located in all major cities in New Zealand, offers camper van rental options that could make your trip a more pleasant one. View the details of our amazing camper rental pricing or special offers and save on your hire. To check availability, contact us or book online now.

Camper Van Rental Auckland, Christchurch & Queenstown

Wicked Campers offers a range of cheap campervans (2, 3 and 5 seater), 4wd 2-seater and 5-seater vehicles and all wheel drive campervans hire from 3 pickup and dropoff locations around New Zealand. Our cheap camper van rental is the best and most affordable way to see Auckland, Queenstown or Christchurch. Each budget camper van comes with a unique paint job, comfy bed, kitchen and loads of storage space. It is the best way to enjoy New Zealan on the road!

Budget travel New Zealand

Our budget camper rental, AWDs and cars are not only economical, but also allows you the freedom and autonomy by putting you in the driver’s seat. Instead of following the strict timetables you’d have on a group tour, on the New Zealand self-drive holiday you get to choose what time you leave, where you want to stay, who you want to hang out with, and what you want to see!

Get the best campervan deal with Wicked Campers

Camper Van Rental New Zealand

Cheap Campervan Rental Options

Our campervan give you the amenities that will provide for the comfort for your holiday in New Zealand. Wicked camper rental sleeps up to 5 people. You can enjoy the road, wild life and scenery of New Zealand by the campfire. Or if you wish to stay inside due to bad weather, no worries, because you’ll have a stove to cook your meals on. Dont worry about waking up to frost in the morning, our camper vans will provide you comfort and feeling toasty in no time. Our campervans can also handle a heat wave, just switch on the air conditioning and relax in your camper rental as you cool off.

Eat, Sleep, and chill... the Wicked way. Simply open up the back door of our camper van for an instant fully equipped kitchen. Pop up the table for easy meals and cosy van talk. Store your stuff away in large cupboards under the seats. Enjoy a huge comfy bed for hanky-panky and a perfectly Wicked night!

Roadtrip in New Zealand

New Zealand is made for campervan travel! With campsites and Department of Conservation Parks conveniently located across all tourist destinations, giving you the opportunity to travel around on the very, very cheap. All the money you save on hostels and bus tickets will pay for all your awesome experiences. The best part about hiring a campervan is that you have your transportation and accommodation all in one. Don’t worry about lugging your luggage out of buses everyday, checking into new hostels and sharing dorm rooms with strangers; when you’re in our New Zealand campervans you can simply stop driving when you get tired, or when you find your own little piece of paradise. With no set itineraries you can roam the stunning landscape, whenever, wherever and with whomever you please.

Budget Camper Rental New Zealand

Campervan hire NZ

Wicked Campers New Zeaalnd is available in 3 major cities; Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown. This will make things easy for you to pickup and dropoff your campervan. New Zealand is a vast country, it is best to enjoy it on the road so you wont missed a spot. You can start your campervan holiday from Auckland and end it in Queenstown or the other way around. So if you are looking at camper van rental in New Zealand and want a sexy deal – look no further. Book your cheap van hire online now or phone our gorgeous sales team (but be careful – you may fall in love)

Check out our campervan rental options you can choose from:

  • Iconic Campers: Our original style camper for the budget conscious traveller. Cheap, reliable and basic these are our original style camper for the budget conscious traveller.
  • Premium Campers: the latest Wicked Campers to hit the New Zealand highways. Seat up to 5 people and are customised like all the Wicked vans in our fleet.
  • AWD Campervan: All Wheel Drive campervan let you see more of New Zealand. AWD Camper allows you to explore the dirt roads and see places most backpackers miss out on.
  • Fantastic 5: Our Nissan Serena’s seat 5-people and sleep 2. With Air-conditioning, power steering and all the standard Wicked goodies.
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