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Campervans For Sale! Buy it, Travel & Re-sell it! You might even make a generous profit!!

For a limited time only! Buy a Wicked fully-serviced, roadworthy van to keep for only $2,999 Plus GST & On Road Costs! Works out cheaper than camper hire and chicks dig van-owners. And I should know! Why wait?? Call us now on 0800 24 68 69 you sexy beasts or find out more by clicking on this sexy banner!!!

So you’re thinking of buying a Wicked Van! Congratulations – Wicked Vans are icons and the only way to truly embrace your New Zealand Road Experience! Complete with camping equipment, a bed, a kitchen and a CD Player – your Wicked van is just waiting to be picked up and loved!!!

If you’re truly independent then you will appreciate the feeling that comes from owning your OWN Van! It’s pretty sweet! If you’re planning on staying in New Zealand for a while, then this is perfect for you! And if you’re the entrepreneurial type, then you could even sell the van when you’re finished travelling and recover most of your costs!

campervan for sale

How's it Work and What's Included?

  • Promotion valid until 25th October 2016
  • A Fully Serviced 2-Berth Toyota Estima Campervan (including Warrant of Fitness)
  • Valid from Christchurch & Auckland
  • Subject to availability
  • Price excludes GST & On Road Costs
  • Full Payment Required at time of booking
  • All Van purchases include 1-Month/1000km Warranty
  • Includes Camping Equipment (Gas Cooker, Esky, Mattresses, Cutlery)
  • For purchase enquires and to book an appointment for inspection email your nearest depot:
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For all inclusions and Standard Van Sales Terms and Conditions please see below:


Q: How Long Does this process take?

A: When we receive your deposit we pick a vehicle from our fleet. We service it and perform any mechanical work or replacement of parts that are required. This process can take between 2-7 days, but we will inform you of the particulars when we receive your deposit.

Q: Can I contact Wicked Campers about a Van Sale?

A: Of Course – our Roadtrip Planners are sexy and excited about hearing your voice. Give them a call: 0800 24 68 69

Q: How many people can fit in each vehicle?

A: Seat belts are mandatory in New Zealand. The number of passengers depends on the number of seat belts - which depends on the vehicle. Driving/riding in a car without a seatbelt or driving with more passengers than seatbelts each result in on the spot fines. Our 2-Seater Vans only have seatbelts for 2 people and our 3-Seater vans only have 3 seatbelts.

Q: Do I need a special license?

A: You may travel with a valid international drivers license, or any full, valid license from your country of residence. A translation of your national drivers license may be required.

Q: Is it legal for a people who are not New Zealand residents to own a car?

A: There is no problem for visitors to NZ to own a car and you must abide by the same laws as Kiwis.

Q: Do I need to carry spare parts for the car?

A: You might want to carry a couple of hoses or belts. Our vehicles are all covered by a limited warranty.

Warranty – Covered Items
Please note: Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the vehicle from Wicked Campers. Once ownership of the vehicle has been transferred from this original purchaser, warranty becomes null and void. Engine: All internally lubricated parts within the engine are covered. Mechanical fuel pump.Drive-train: All internally lubricated parts within the automatic/manual transmission assembly, Differential centre. Unless stated in the covered items section, any other parts of or on the vehicle are not covered.

You will maintain the vehicle through regular routine maintenance – this includes maintaining all fluid levels (oil & water). You will contact Wicked Campers immediately on 0800 24 68 70 when you are aware of a serious defect in the vehicle, so that we can inform you of the nearest repair centre and help facilitate speedy repair. IF YOU FAIL TO CONTACT US BEFORE REPAIRS ARE CARRIED OUT, YOUR WARRANTY MAY BE VOIDED. You will contact your roadside assistance provider - if a serious defect occurs so that they can tow the vehicle (if required) to a repair centre, to prevent further damage to the vehicle. Towing costs are at your expense. We suggest you take the highest level of roadside assistance cover available. If you ignore the engine overheat buzzer, or disregard the temperature gauge fitted to the vehicle and continue to drive the vehicle (and thereby overheat or cook your engine) – you void your warranty.

Campervan for sale NZ

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