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Did you just sprout pubic hair? Well why not celebrate by hiring a campervan? You know what they say – When there’s grass on the pitch, play cricket! Or rent a campervan! We don’t discriminate, we just masturbate! Yay fun!

Terms of Hire for young little people Under 21:

  • If you’re an Aussie you gotta have Green P’s or better
  • If you’re from a far away land then you gotta be over 18
  • If you’re Justin Beiber, fuck off
  • I love lamp
  • There’s like a little fee for Under 21’s – but it’s tiny I swear!

So come on down baby – hire a Wicked Camper – they’re sexier than most other things that have four-wheels. Except for those guys who play rugby in Wheelchairs – those guys are mental man. Makes me wanna cut off my legs!

Anyway – hire a campervan. Call our Sales team on 1800 24 68 69 in Australia or 0800 24 68 70 in New Zealand. They love young people – like Fonzie!

Or Book Online – saves time. Leaving plenty of time to masturbate. Sweet!

Ok well. Bye! Or as the kids say – totes see you later. LOL.

Wicked Specials

  • Roadtrips New Zealand

    campervan naked special

    So you’ve booked a Wicked Camper in New Zealand eh? Need some ideas for a roadtrip? Well you’re in luck, as our sexy team of monkeys have been hard at work putting together some awesome trips for you guys. Get hyped baby, there’s no better way to travel New Zealand than in a Wicked Camper. Head for the hills, cruise around volcanoes and try not to run over those sexy sheep things.

  • Rent a Wicked Campervan with Rooftop Tent

    campervan hire special

    Looking to check out NZ? Why not hire a campervan baby?! They're cheap, they're sexy and they're the perfect way to explore NZ independantly. Wicked Campers have a range of vehicles including Mini Campers with awesome rooftop tents! Our vans come in a range of designs, some crazy psychedelic and some plain Jane's - you decide what kind of roadtrip you wanna take...I personally prefer the kinky kind with fluffy handcuffs and ticklers and stuff. But I'll talk about that later...

  • Minicamper Hire - SAVE!

    Campervan Hire New Zealand

    Thinking of hiring a campervan with Wicked Campers? Well why not try one of our 2014 Model Minicamper 3-Seaters. Save a heap of money on fuel and cruise in comfort! The rooftop tent opens and closes in 2 minutes - and even has a built-in mattress for sexy sleepy time! Campervan Hire has never freaked out so many people, and with 3 great locations across NZ (Auckland, Christchurch & Queenstown) you too can freak people out.

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