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Fancy a Roadtrip In New Zealand? Well fix your glazzies on Wicked Campers baby...

New Zealand is made for campervan travel! With campsites and Department of Conservation Parks conveniently located across all tourist destinations, giving you the opportunity to travel around on the very, very cheap. All the money you save on hostels and bus tickets will pay for all your awesome experiences. The best part about hiring a campervan is that you have your transportation and accommodation all in one. Don’t worry about lugging your luggage out of buses everyday, checking into new hostels and sharing dorm rooms with strangers; when you’re in our New Zealand campervans you can simply stop driving when you get tired, or when you find your own little piece of paradise. With no set itineraries you can roam the stunning landscape, whenever, wherever and with whomever you please.

Campervan hire has never been so sexy (or weird)! Get your ass down to your nearest Wicked Campers Depot, we’re everywhere man:

Camper hire Auckland, Camper Hire Christchurch, Camper Hire Queenstown.

We’re also around the world baby!!! If you’re headed for another fancy country hit us up, we’re in:

Wicked UK & Europe, Wicked USA & Canada, Wicked Chile, Wicked Africa, Wicked Australia bro!

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