Do Wicked Campervans have an MP3/AUX connection?

All vehicles come with a CD player & Radio.  Our Mini Camper 3 & 5-Seaters and Premium Campervans are all fitted with an AUX Input, just bring your cable & badass tunes. However Wicked Iconic Campervans do not come with an AUX Connection, just old school CD Player and Radio (AM and FM baby yeah!).



Can we hire baby seats/ do Wicked Campervans have anchor points for a baby seat?

No we do not hire baby seats. Campervans only have 2 shoulder seatbelts and a waist belt in the middle of a 3 berth camper (bench seat). Our vans do not have an anchor point for baby seats. If you wish to travel with a child seat, then the Mini Camper 3 are the only vehicles with anchor points.



What's included in Wicked Camper's vehicles?

A Single Gas Burner (Gas Cooker), water container, Ice Cooler (Esky), pots, pans, crockery and cutlery, we also provide table and chairs for outside (Optional $15 fixed fee) and mattresses for your sleeping area.



What Type of Fuel do Wicked Camper's Vehicles Use?

The majority of Wicked Campers in New Zealand run on Unleaded Petrol.



What are the External Dimensions of a Wicked Campervan?

Vans are approx. 4.6m long, 1.7m wide and 1.9m high. Our campers are classed as a normal car on the ferry crossing 5.5m long.



Do any Wicked Campervans have roof racks or tow bars?

No. We do not have roof racks or tow bars.


Can I choose my design?

Customers are welcome to put in a request for the design on the camper which we will try our best to accommodate if available.  However as a lot of our hires are one way it is not guaranteed. Customers are also welcome to request a 'tame' campervan design if travelling with children etc. To guarantee a subtle paintjob, we advise hiring a Premium Camper or Mystery Machine 2-Seater Campervan.


What is the Approx Fuel Consumption of Wicked Campervans?

  • Iconic Campervans will travel approximately 300?400kms per tank – depending on speed and terrain
  • Mini Camper 3-Seater's are very fuel efficient and will travel approximately 400?500kms per tank
  • Mini Camper 5-Seater's & Premium Campervans will travel approximately 400?500kms per tank


Which Vehicles are Automatic Transmission?

  • Mini Camper 3: Manual & Automatic
  • Mini Camper 5’s: Automatic
  • Iconic 2-Seater Campervans: Automatic
  • Iconic 3-Seater Campervans: Mostly Manual
  • Premium Campervans: Automatic


Do the vehicles come with Fuel?

Every vehicle will have at least a 1/4 tank of fuel, you return your camper with the same amount you received, ie: if you received the camper with 1/2 a tank you must return it with 1/2 a tank.

Do Wicked Campervans come with Linen or Bedding?

No – our Campervans do not come with linen or pillows. You will need to supply our own. Some depots carry pillows and blankets from previous customers. You can use these if necessary; however this service is provided as a gesture of goodwill only.

Does my Camper come with a Sat Nav?

GPS devices are available for hire with your campervan. Book Online or notify our Roadtrip Planners when booking.

Do the vans come with snow chains for the winter?

Snow chains are available for hire with your campervan. Snow Chains are mandatory in some places (usually on the South Island of New Zealand), like in the Fiordland region.

Can I park the camper anywhere when staying the night?

The NZ government are like Nazi’s on campers parking and sleeping by roadsides. They fine people like crack addicts smoke crack. So to avoid a nasty fine – it’s recommended that you do some homework on where you can and can’t sleep. !--Download our Free ‘Wicked Campers’ app for a decent list of camp sites & and heaps of other cool stuff. So yeah check it:

Also check out the DOC sites which are all over the country. Wicked Campers have Camping Passes available for purchase online when booking your Campervan. It's a pretty sweet deal, if you have a pass you can camp at close to 100 DOC Campgrounds around New Zealand. More details are available on our website here


Can I hire on my Provisional License?

For Australian & NZ Drivers: All Drivers must be at least 18 Years of Age. Red & Green P-Plates are fine, however additional fees apply

For International Drivers

All Drivers must be at least 18 Years of Age. It is a legal requirement in New Zealand that anyone using an international licence/translation must also be carrying their original licence. Some customers may require a translated version of their International Drivers License.


Are Wicked Campers Hire Rates based on a daily or nightly rate?

Daily as it is based on calendar days. For Example, a Rental from Monday, October 10th 13:00 to Tuesday, October 11th 12:00 = 2 days rental.

Do you have to pay for additional drivers?

You do not have to pay for additonal drivers. Up to 4 additional drivers are included in the rental cost. However, all additional drivers must have signed the rental agreement. Excessive kilometres travelled or usage of the vehicle in areas outside those specified on your contract may result in fees and/or invalidate Liability Reduction.

Short Hire Fee

During Peak Seasons a Short Hire Fee will apply to all hires under 14 Days.

Booking Fee 5%

This fee applies to all hires and covers a range of costs including credit card surcharge, reservation costs and contract amendment fees

Remote Location Fee

Remote location fees and conditions apply at Queenstown & Wellington depots. Full payment prior to pickup is required for all remote depots. These depots are operated by third parties and have limited facilities.

How Can I Pay?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Debit only (No Cash & No American Express). All hires will attract a 5% Administration and Contract Fee

What happens if I my Campervan is having issues or I require Roadside Assistance?

We have Roadside Assistance available to all Wicked Camper hirers. In the event of a breakdown our operator will help.

You do not need to pay for Toll Roads. There are 3 Toll Roads in Auckland. As of 15th February 2017, Wicked Campers will charge a mandatory Toll Roads Levy of $20 for all hires picking up or dropping off in Auckland, which covers you for unlimited toll road usage during your trip. So if you happen to travel on a Toll Road in Auckland, don't worry about it - you're covered!

PLEASE NOTE: The Levy is non-refundable. Wicked Campers Toll Levy does NOT cover infringements received for illegal conduct (Speeding, DUI etc.) or Parking fines.


Can I Book Online?

Hell yeah – check it out baby: Book Here

What is the minimum hire for most roadtrips?

Our minimum hires can range from 5 days to 14+ Days according to seasonal demand. For most of the year we tend to base Minimum Hire Periods on an allowance of approximately 300kms per day. You should let our staff know your itinerary when collecting the camper to work what suits you.

What is a bond?

A Bond is a security deposit payable at time of vehicle pickup. It is the same as a Bond when renting an Apartment, if the vehicle is returned in good order, the Bond is refunded to the hirer’s account. If you have a valid credit card, you we will take a security imprint, althought at our discretion, we may require a $1,000 bond to be paid on pickup.

If I'm paying my Security Bond on Credit/Debit Card, does Wicked Campers deduct the funds from my account or is it just an Authorisation?

A $1000 bond is deducted from your account and held for the duration of hire. Once the campervan has been returned without damage or breach of contract, the bond will be refunded. Please be aware that Bond Refunds generally take up to 30 working days to be processed & refunded.

I don’t have a Credit Card, only a Debit Card?

We request that you provide a valid credit card at time of pickup. This is for the Pre-Authorisation and a security imprint (in case the vehicle is stolen). If you do not have a Credit Card, then you will need to pay a $1000 Bond from your Debit Card at time of collecting the vehicle.

What if I want to cancel my booking?

There are no refunds for late pickup, early dropoff or cancellations.

Bookings made before 09/07/2020: No cash refunds for cancellations. We will give you credit for a future booking to be made within 3 years of this booking date only. In order to qualify for a credit you must notify us of your cancellation request at least 14 days prior to your due pickup date. Any refunds will be subject to our approval and to the terms and conditions of our Vehicle Rental Agreement.

Do you have airport pickups available?

Airport pickups are not available. Most depots can be accessed by public transport, however taxis can be a quicker and more convenient option.

Can I extend my hire?

Depending on availability, you can easily extend your hire .

Can I drop my vehicle off late?

Some of our depots have a late returns key drop box. Always make sure to lock the vehicle before leaving it as you are liable for it until the depot is open the next day!

Can I pickup my Campervan early or after hours?

No – you can only collect your vehicle during opening hours.

Do I have to clean my van before returning?

You have 2 Options when returning your campervan. You can choose to add a Pre-Paid Cleaning Service to your hire for a small, additional fee - this means that you won’t need to wash or vacuum the vehicle before returning. Otherwise, you will need to clean the vehicle (inside & out) before returning it to Wicked Campers.

What is an Area of Use (AOU)?

The area of use is where you are planning to travel with your campervan, the itinerary.

Where am I prohibited to go with the campervan?

With a 2WD campervan, you cannot drive on the beach, the sand or islands off the North or South Mainland Islands of NZ. Unsealed roads, water crossings & night driving in remote areas is prohibited and any damage incurred will be at the hirers expense.