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Did you just sprout pubic hair? Well why not celebrate by hiring a campervan? You know what they say – When there’s grass on the pitch, play cricket! Or rent a campervan! We don’t discriminate, we just masturbate! Yay fun!

Terms of Hire for young little people Under 21:

  • If you’re an Aussie you gotta have Green P’s or better
  • If you’re from a far away land then you gotta be over 18
  • If you’re Justin Beiber, fuck off
  • I love lamp
  • There’s like a little fee for Under 21’s – but it’s tiny I swear!

So come on down baby – hire a Wicked Camper – they’re sexier than most other things that have four-wheels. Except for those guys who play rugby in Wheelchairs – those guys are mental man. Makes me wanna cut off my legs!

Anyway – hire a campervan. Call our Sales team on 1800 24 68 69 in Australia or 0800 24 68 70 in New Zealand. They love young people – like Fonzie!

Or Book Online – saves time. Leaving plenty of time to masturbate. Sweet!

Ok well. Bye! Or as the kids say – totes see you later. LOL.

Book Online & Save up to 12%

Use Promo Code 'STONED' when booking!

Discount on Daily Rate.
Valid for Australian & NZ Hires Only.
1-14 Day Hires receive 5% Discount.
15+ Days receive 12% Discount.

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