Trip Auckland to Waiheke Island, Waitakere Ranges, Karekare & Piha


Campervan Hire from Auckland to Waiheke Island, Waitakere Ranges, Karekare & Piha

So you’ve booked a Wicked Camper in New Zealand eh? Need some ideas for a roadtrip? Well you’re in luck, as our sexy team of monkeys have been hard at work putting together some awesome trips for you guys. Get hyped baby, there’s no better way to travel New Zealand than in a Wicked Camper. Head for the hills, cruise around volcanoes and try not to run over those sexy sheep things.

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Life in Auckland is SICK. Sick in a good way of course – it’ll only take a couple of hours and you’ll soon realise why Auckland is rated as one of the world’s most liveable cities. Auckland is set on three beautiful harbours and dotted with 48 extinct volcanic cones - as you can imagine, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Hop in your Wicked Camper and explore the beautiful sights (and sheep) on offer.

So there’s this big fucking Sky Tower. If you want awesome views of the city, I suggest you head up it. If you like to stay high, (I like to stay high everyday), try the SkyWalk or throw yourself off the SkyJump. If you’re a bit of a pussy and prefer to keep your feet firmly to the ground, soak up the history and culture at the Auckland Museum and Art Gallery.

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Mission Bay and Mount Eden

Enough of all this tourist crap, let’s just chill out and hang on a beach I hear you say? Park up your Wicked Camper, head for many of Auckland’s popular inner city beaches and laze your lazy ass down. Take your Wicked Camper to Mission bay, fatten up on ice cream and just float around in the sea. Not for too long though as you’ll probably get mistaken for a whale or something.

After you’re done being a lazy ass, drive your campervan up to Mount Eden (Maungawhau) for breathtaking panoramic views. At 196 metres high, Mount Eden is the highest of the Auckland volcanoes.

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Check out Waiheke Island

Had enough of the city? Well hop back in your Wicked Camper and take a ferry over to Waiheke Island in just 35 minutes. Local transport on the island is efficient (a rare sight these days), you can head to vineyards and beaches quicker then Sonic the Hedgehog on crack.

Waiheke is a picturesque blend of vineyards and olive groves, beaches, farmland and forest. Plenty of photo ops with your Wicked Camper here.

Visits to vineyards, art studios and cafes will keep you busy. Wine tours make sampling the island's fare easy; some recommendations include Fullers wine on Waiheke, Ananda Tours and Waiheke Island Wine Tours. You’ll end up smashed at all of ‘em. Bloody top piss.

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Head out to Auckland’s West Coast

Drive your Wicked Camper into the Waitakere Ranges, just 45 minutes from downtown Auckland. Here you’ll find around 250km of walking tracks, taking you through pristine rainforest. Perhaps try and stay sober to do this, as some of the tracks involve a lot of time and energy. Ok a whisky flask will do.

If like waterfalls or you just haven’t showered in about 6 months, experience two beautiful falls and two wild-west coast beaches over at Karekare beach. After just a few minutes' walk inland, you'll find the stunning Karekare Falls surrounded by some sexy native bush. I know what you’re thinking you dirty bastard.

Get back in your Wicked Camper and on the road to Piha. From the end of Glen Esk Road, (an easy 45 minute walk through native bush), you’ll end up at Kitekite Falls. Take a dip and cleanse yourself, just like what those geeza’s used to do in the bible.

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Go surfing in laid-back Piha

Piha is a scenic black-sand surf beach on the rugged coast west of Auckland. Take your Wicked Camper to one of the most laid-back villages on earth. A chill as fuck seaside village 45 minutes West of Auckland city, Piha is popular with local kiwis - especially in summertime.

The dramatic beach, which is marked at each end by rugged cliffs, is a popular surfing location. The water has strong currents, however in summer you'll find Captain Steve on patrol - you’re in good hands dudes. Very good hands. Take surfing lessons or try abseiling down the Piha canyon. Feeling a bit peckish? Close by is a popular cafe and takeaway bar, offering plenty of unhealthy fast food which you definitely won’t regret.

Piha is a swell magnet and hosts multiple breaks on the right tides. If you’ve come over for a surfing holiday, then this is as unique as it gets. The waves are consistently good, the crowds small, the locals friendly and you can surf on virtually any condition.

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