Trip Christchurch to Cave Stream & Arthurs Pass

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Campervan Hire from Christchurch to Cave Stream Scenic Reserve, Castle Hill, Craigieburn Forest & Arthurs Pass

Campervan hire just got real baby! Pick up your Wicked Camper from our depot in Christchurch and head inland along State Highway 73, towards Arthurs Pass Village. Discover the amazing sites of Korowai-Torlesse Tussocklands Park, Cave Stream Scenic Reserve in Castle Hill and Craigieburn Forest Park.

Explore Cave Stream Scenic Reserve

Cave Stream Scenic Reserve is about 1 hour 30 mins from Christchurch and roughly 46km from Arthur's Pass Village. Leaving our Christchurch depot, you’ll take State Highway 76, (which merges into State Highway 73) up to Castle Hill, where you'll find the reserve in-between Broken River Road and Craigieburn Forest Park. The turn off to the reserve is easy to miss, so lay off the gas dudes ffs.

Covering 16 hectares, the cave is highly popular amongst tourists and another dope spot to check out on your Wicked Roadtrip. A truly beautiful site surrounded by spectacular limestone cliffs, gorges and outcrops of limestone boulders.

The best way to explore the cave is to enter at the outlet end. Follow the track to Broken River, where you’ll need to cross the river twice to get to the cave. If the river is too high to cross, than don’t even think about entering the cave man!! You crazy! Wrap up warm, wear appropriate shoes (no heels) and bring a torch. Fuck yeah, caving man.

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Canterbury Plains and Castle Hill

Cruise down State Highway 73, head west through Porters Pass and check out Arthur’s Pass National Park. Highlights include Waimakariri and Otira River gorges, drives along the Otira Viaduct and as previously mentioned, Castle Hill Rocks and Cave Stream Reserve. Fucking sexy baby.

Castle Hill is sure to impress, with monolithic limestone formations on display, offering great views and some awesome photo ops. You can even climb it, just don’t fall off and break your back you dingbat.

Discover Canterbury Plains, stretching from north to south for miles and miles. The road will take you up into the foothills of the Southern Alps - watch as the scenery changes from hills to mountains, to rivers to lakes, ski fields and sexy sheep of all different sizes.

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Cruise up to Craigieburn Forest Park

Had enough of the cave? Cruise on up to Craigieburn Forest Park, a spot popular with walking tracks and mountain views. Craigieburn Forest Park extends from the Waimakariri River to the Wilberforce River - with rivers, beech valleys, tussock grasslands, alpine screes and rugged mountain peaks topping 2300m. Wowzas.

With an extensive network of walking tracks within the Craigieburn Forst Park, this is a memorable part of the world essential for any campervan trip on the South Island. Check out the mountain forest and its native mistletoe, or the stunning views over Tussock Country - you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Recommended trails include; the Nature Trail (20 minutes return), Bridge Hill Walk (10 minutes one way), Dracophyllum Flat Track (45 minutes one way) and Lyndon Saddle (1.5 hours one way).

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Check out the trails at Arthur’s Pass Village

By now you’ll have reached halfway across the West Coast. Arthur’s Pass Village, nestled in-alpine grandeur is perfect for walking trails through the Southern Alps. Time to hop out your Wicked Camper and set foot across trails and trails of ravenous sexy Kiwi land. Listen out for the Kea – a sexy parrot native to the area. She’s so goddamn sexy.

As you head west in your Wicked Camper, you’ll notice more and more greenery. No, it’s not all that weed you’ve been smoking. Rather, the lush rainforests dominating the region and a large dose of rare wildlife to go with.

It’s laid back out here man, so if you haven’t been puffing on that fine Kush then I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

roadtrip christchurch

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