Trip Christchurch to Marlborough Sounds and Abel Tasman National Park

Campervan Hire from Christchurch to Marlborough Sounds, Motueka, Riwaka & Abel Tasman National Park

Leaving our Wicked Campers depot in Christchurch, head north along the coast to the gorgeous Marlborough Sounds, across to Motueka, up to the beautiful Riwaka Resurgence and explore the amazing Abel Tasman National Park. This is a trip filled with amazing scenery, ancient sunken river valleys, forests and much more. Highly recommended on your Wicked Camper roadtrip!

Take a drive north to Marlborough Sounds

Marlborough Sounds is one of my favourite places to check out on the South Island. Cruising along the Queen Charlotte Drive in your Wicked Camper is one hell of an experience man. If I could define the word beautiful, I’d see a picture of your mum. Tehehe. Seriously though, this drive is so freaking beautiful I could shed a tear. FFS I wish I wasn't so sensitive.

Experience long sheltered inlets, clear waters and sandy bays. Park up your Wicked Camper and hike through the forest, explore the headlands and discover the beautiful reserves on offer. Marlborough Sounds is a collection of ancient sunken river valleys filled with the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The area has three main bodies of water – Queen Charlotte, Kenepuru and Pelorous Sounds.

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Discover beautiful Motueka

Further north of Marlborough Sounds, nestled in the heart of Tasman Bay - you’ll discover Motueka. One of the nearest towns to the Abel Tasman and Kahurangi National Parks, Motueka has become the base of many tourism ventures.

Dig rock climbing? Well the extensive limestone cave systems (including Harwood Hole in the Takaka Hill area) attract heaps of rock climbers yearly. Oh how I love a good hard rock.

Hop out your Wicked Camper, explore the museum and variety of restaurants on offer. Head down the main street and grab a feed in a converted church! Motueka is also well known for its rather arty farty community, do check out the numerous galleries on display. Another recommendation would be the waterfront walkway, enjoy a romantic walk with your loved one (guaranteed to melt their hearts).

This brings us to your next step of the roadtrip - a drive to the Riwaka Resurgence and into the Abel Tasman National Park.

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Take a pitstop in Riwaka Resurgence

Drive down the Riwaka Valley Road for about 15kms and be greeted by beautiful crystal clear water pools and fantastic scenery. A short 500m walk will bring you to where the river surges out of the Takaka Hill, a truly spectacular site.

The short walk from the picnic area takes you up to the awe-inspiring crystal pool and the source of the Riwaka river. It is fairly steep at first (pack some suitable walking boots), but soon levels off and is well worth it. The sunlight hitting the bottom of the pool offers a beautiful blue hue to the rock, quite a treat to the eye I must say.

Enjoy the expansive coastal scenes, bush clad mountainsides, a river that surges from a hole in a hill and a broad view over a busy landscape.

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Explore world-famous Abel Tasman National Park

A must stop along the top end of the South Island. Abel Tasman National Park is renowned for its golden beaches, sculptured granite cliffs and world-famous coast track.

Park up your Wicked Camper and get ready for one hell of an adventure. Abel Tasman National Park is a coastal paradise that you can walk through or explore by cruise boat, sailing catamaran, water taxi or sea kayak.

Try your hand at some snorkelling, go swimming, sun bathing or just roll up a big fat spliff and crash out for a few hours. Hell, just keep on sleeping right through man. Besides, I've heard that sleeping under the stars here is the realest way to experience the spirit of the Abel Tasman.

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