Trip Queenstown to Wanaka

trip queenstown

Campervan Hire from Queenstown to Wanaka, Arrowtown, Central Otago & Glenorchy

With so much to do and discover in Queenstown, you could easily spend a whole week here, but if you are looking for day trips in the surrounding areas, here are a few options. Pick up your Wicked Camper from our depot in Queenstown and hit the road baby!

Queenstown to Lake Wanaka

The beautiful lakeside town of Wanaka will welcome you with open arms. Get your camera at the ready because Wanaka is a spectacular site and one of the South Island’s most beautiful surroundings.

Take a break from your campervan, hop on a sight-seeing tour and venture into the mountains, running and screaming your ass off like Gollum. If hiking is your thang, than Mt Aspiring National Park is where it’s at.

You can go climbing, fishing and skydiving all year-round, the place just screams adventure. I highly recommend the skydiving part by the way. A truly breathtaking experience and one you'll never forgot. Jump out of the plane and hurtle towards Lake Wanaka, I can't even describe the sensation man...just go and do it.

roadtrip queenstown

Search for gold in historic Arrowtown

After cruising around Lake Wanaka in your Wicked Camper, take a drive to Arrowtown, a delightful goldrush village with beautiful cottages and plenty of sexy shops on offer.

Established in 1862 during the height of the Otago gold rush, the settlement grew quickly as pioneers constructed cottages, shops, hotels and churches, more than 60 of which can still be seen today.

Pull over by the edge of the Arrow River and check out the Chinese settlement with its restored shelters and buildings. Then hop back in your Wicked Camper and cruise over to the Lakes District Museum. After you're done reading and looking at shit, stuff your face with the famous pies of Arrowtown Bakery. Mmmm yeah baby.

roadtrip queenstown

Cruise down to wine country in Central Otago

Central Otago is wine country through and through baby. Leaving Queenstown, you’ll pass through Gibbston valley, before reaching the towns of Bannockburn, Cromwell and a little further out, Alexandra and Clyde.

There are more than 80 wineries in the area, that’s a shit load of drinking! Enjoy al-fresco dining with some of the country's best fresh, seasonal food.

Central Otago is the undisputed home of summer fruit from cherries to apples and apricots - along with local Pinot Noir, the region’s claim to fame. Just don't go looking for hawaiian pizza, cus you won't find any. Not that you'd expect to find it here. I did, but I am a hawaiian pizza connoisseur. Ok I'll just stop right here. Wtf.

roadtrip queenstown

Embrace the outdoors of beautiful Glenorchy

If you only have time for one scenic drive in your Wicked Camper, this is it baby. Tucked away on the northern shores of Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by native beech forest and towering mountain ranges, this rustic town is a paradise for true outdoor enthusiasts.

Trekking, jet boating and kayaking are just some of the activities on offer. If you can’t find a good trail here, there’s something wrong with you. Discover Mt Alfred, Routeburn, Rees and Dart tracks – all offering amazing scenery with parts featured in the Lord of the Rings movies. My preeeeecious.

The Glenorchy – Queenstown Road follows the Eastern edge of Lake Wakatipu, with mountains on the Western side of the lake. As you get closer to Glenorchy, Pig & Pigeon Island is just chilling in the middle of Lake Wakatipu. I wish it was a pub, cus it kinda sounds like one. Gosh I'm so thirsty now ffs.

roadtrip queenstown

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